Lifesaver, My Cricut Maker!


Let me begin by saying that I am truly a very organized person, I try to plan ahead when possible, to be on time for meetings and to always have a plan B. That being said, stuff happens and sometimes my well ordered machine of a plan gets a wrench tossed in to it. This was the case yesterday. Mayah and I arrived home late, due our very temperamental New England weather and some horrific traffic conditions and so as soon as I got home I went on to plan B.

I created a quick meal while she watched a short movie, followed by some whining, (because is there ever enough TV time?)…then bath time, Sabbath School lessons, our night time prayers and off to bed she went! All was well with the world, chaos had been averted and I would get to just relax and peacefully plan out the following day.

Or so I thought until she came back into my room to remind me that tomorrow was “Lifesaver” Day at summer camp and she really wanted to wear something “for once” before camp ended (can the girl lay on the guilt or what?). First things first, I do not recall her mentioning this to me before, that being said it is somewhat possible that I tuned her out when she may have mentioned.

Okay, okay…before you judge, me please know that my munchkin is a talker. She has lots to say and I love her for it. But if you are a parent, you soon learn that sometimes ya have to tune them out and appropriately nod when needed, otherwise stuff will never get done! If like me you failed to tune in at the appropriate time, you might find that you have missed some essential stuff.

So there I was, sitting in bed trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do. Because as previously mentioned, I could not let her go AGAIN without a costume. Mayah really wanted to be a Lifeguard and I really wanted to make it happen but there was unfortunately no time to create a lifesaver.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I hoard crafting supplies, but if I see a sale, ya girl will store for a rainy day! Yesterday was my rainy day, and I am thankful that I had stored a handful of shirts that had snagged on sale at my local Hobby Lobby.

With my Cricut Maker in hand, my shirt from Hobby Lobby and some vinyl, I was able to not only finish her shirt this very same day, but was able to do it all in under 10 mins. Best of all, I was also able to send a child to summer camp, in a shirt she was proud to show off.

Can I say how grateful I am to have purchased my Cricut Maker. True MVP!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well, look at that smile!


Do you own a Cricut? What projects are you most proud of?

Haven’t purchased one yet? Check out the link below for more details on my Cricut Maker!