Teacher’s Pet


Did you know that National Teacher’s Day, is this Tuesday? Unlike last year, this year I am prepared. I have put together a gift that’s sure to make my munchkin the teacher’s pet!

I’ll be honest, last year I completely forgot about National Teacher’s Day. Thankfully Mayah reminded me. Unfortunately, it was on our way to school…that Tuesday morning! I had no choice but to settle for some sad, sad potted tulips from the local grocery store.


This year I am aiming to be a little “extra”. This year I decided to put together a gift basket. A teacher’s survival kit, because we all know that at this point, these poor souls are definitely running out of fuel. One of the key and prominent essentials in this basket is coffee. I mean with seventeen plus kids, you’ve got to stay caffeinated, right?

I have also included an Ello coffee thermos, that I have decorated with a message created with my Cricut Maker, chocolate covered coffee beans, homemade chocolate drizzled pretzels, a tissue box, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and a few other essentials.


Isn’t it adorable? She’s sure to love it!

Haven’t bought or made your gift? You still have time? Though National Teacher Day is this Tuesday, Teacher’s Appreciation week is from the 5th-10th.

Big shout out to all my teachers out there! To those teachers who love and teach our little monsters, day in and day out. Who do the best they can with very minimal supplies while appeasing stubborn and at times, entitled parents. Teacher’s who then go home to take care of their own families. All this while being severely underpaid. Please know that you are appreciated!